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The Main Factors Affecting The Life Of Hardware Stamping Die

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The research shows that the service life and die structure design of metal stamping die, the selection of die steel, heat treatment, surface treatment, mechanical processing and grinding, wire cutting technology, stamping design.There are many factors…

There are many factors related to preparation, stamping materials and technology, lubrication of dies, poor maintenance level and so on. Among the various factors causing die failure, the die structure is unreasonable and the material selection is unreasonable.

About 25%, improper heat treatment about 45%, process problems about 10%, equipment problems, lubrication problems and other factors about 20%.

1. Reasonable die structure design

The die structure has a great influence on the stress state of the die. Reasonable die structure can make the force of the die work uniformly, not easy to eccentric load, and the stress concentration is small. Die Design

The principle is to ensure sufficient strength, stiffness, concentricity, neutrality and reasonable blanking clearance, and reduce stress concentration to ensure that the parts produced by the die meet the design requirements.

Therefore, the main work of the die (such as punch, concave die, etc.) requires high guiding accuracy, good concentricity and neutrality, and reasonable blanking clearance.

2. Reasonable selection of die materials

The working conditions of the stamping die are complicated because it bears the loads of impact, vibration, friction, high pressure, tension, bending and torsion, and even works at a higher temperature (such as cold extrusion).

It is prone to wear, fatigue, fracture, deformation and other phenomena. Therefore, the performance of the die material has a great influence on the life of the die. The die life of different materials is often different.

The material requirement of working parts is higher than that of common parts.

3. Reasonable selection of heat treatment process

The improper heat treatment is an important reason for the early failure of the die. According to the analysis of the die failure, 45% of the die failure is caused by improper heat treatment. Die heat treatment includes

Steel annealing after forging, high temperature tempering or low temperature tempering after roughing, quenching and tempering after finishing, stress relief and low temperature tempering after EDM and WEDM. Only cold Hot working well cooperates with each other to ensure a good die life.

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