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Industry 4.0 Era: What does the Internet of Things bring to industrial automation?

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Safe motion control

In the network security function, the safe motion control function is the most powerful. The network security system keeps the production line, presses, robots and other equipment up and running (in safe mode) with intelligent software embedded in the servo/frequency converter (hardware with safety encoders). This intelligence not only provides the now familiar safety torque off information, but also provides more information on safe limited torque, limited speed, position and limited acceleration.

Machines on the production line can now continue to operate in safe mode. In the past, the emergency stop button or controlled shutdown will be turned on to clear the blockage information, repair or supplement the material. The emergency stop button now no longer requires hard wiring, it can be connected via Ethernet and becomes part of the control panel.

Predictive maintenance

The key to predictive maintenance is to monitor based on the actual state of the machine rather than on a fixed cycle. In addition, the key to monitoring the state of the machine is mechanical disturbance. Networked sensors such as accelerometers can be used to detect the frequency of bearings, spindles, couplings, and other mechanical equipment, predicting trends in failures to schedule advance maintenance.

Condition monitoring through networked sensors to predict possible machine failures.

The more critical the process, the greater the cost of maintenance. Failure of a simple device can lead to catastrophic results in a process. Frequency analysis can also lead to finding the root cause before the device is damaged. If lubrication, flaking or corrosion can be recorded, preventive maintenance measures can be taken.

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