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"Industrial Robot One-Stop Express" Weekly Hot News

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On the 14th of this month, “ABB Power & Automation World” opened, ABB released 68 new products and launched 20 ABB's digital products and solutions and the latest digital platform to support the power, industry, transportation and foundation. Users in areas such as facilities are accelerating digital transformation. A number of exhibits use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to help visitors experience ABB's latest technology more vividly and intuitively. This is also the largest technical achievement and important breakthrough ABB has achieved in the digital field for ABB's largest scale to Chinese users over the past year.

2. ABB's world-leading innovation and manufacturing base is operational in Xiamen

ABB, the global technology leader, announced on November 13 that the ABB Xiamen Industrial Center in the Xiamen Torch (Xiang'an) Industrial Zone was officially opened. This new industrial park integrates ABB's entire industry chain from R&D, manufacturing, engineering to sales and service, and covers ABB China's supply chain management functions. ABB Xiamen Industrial Center uses a range of the latest environmentally friendly materials and systems, including ABB's leading electric vehicle fast charging station, designed to create a model of green, low-carbon, sustainable industrial parks.

3. Guangdong Provincial Government and ABB Sign Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On November 13, the Guangdong Provincial Government and ABB Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Guangzhou. The two sides will further deepen their strategic cooperation in the fields of power, industry, transportation and infrastructure, and support Guangdong Province to implement the core strategy of innovation-driven development. Push the industry upgrade and accelerate the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, and Shi Bifu, CEO of ABB Group, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Chen Liangxian, deputy governor of Guangdong Province, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

4. The German government plans to invest 3 billion euros to develop artificial intelligence

German Economy Minister Artemier announced on the 14th that by 2025, the German federal government will invest about 3 billion euros to implement the artificial intelligence strategy. It is reported that this fund will mainly be used to add at least 100 professor seats in the country's artificial intelligence field and expand the artificial intelligence R&D center.

5. The largest industrial robot training base in Northeast China was completed in Shenyang

The largest industrial robot training base in Northeast China was completed on November 9th in Shenyang Yongan Machine Tool Town. This means that Liaoning Intelligent Manufacturing has had a practical venue for cultivating a large number of intelligent technical talents, thus helping a new round of Northeast revitalization. It is understood that this robot training base covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, including media classrooms, training rooms, skill training centers and other teaching places, the introduction of industrial robots training platform, industrial robots mechanical and electrical integration disassembly workstation, More than 60 sets of advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment such as intelligent manufacturing production lines, five-axis machining centers and 3D printers. Senior experts in the field of CNC machine tools in China are here to cultivate a large number of practical talents for Liaoning and even the Northeast.

6. Korea Robot Center opens in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Robot Town

The Korea Industrial Support Department and the Korea Robotics Industry Promotion Center held the opening ceremony of the Korean Robot Center (KRC) at the Xiaoshan Robot Center in Hangzhou on the afternoon of November 9. On the day of the opening ceremony, Zhu Shiqiang, president of Zhejiang Robot Industry Development Association, Ye Jianhong, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wen Quanyi, Dean of Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, and related personnel of Korea Robotics Association, entered Korea South Korea Robot Center in 17 Representatives of domestic enterprises and representatives of Chinese enterprises attended the event.

7. Multinational scientists in Germany talk about the development and future of medical robots

The 2018 World Medical Robotics Conference opened on the 10th in Munich, Germany. The conference was co-sponsored by the World Medical Robotics Association, the Munich University of Technology, and the Shenzhen Rob Medical Robotics Institute. John Hopkins University professor Taylor, who is known as the "father of medical robots", and medical robot researchers and industry representatives from the United States, Britain, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, China and other countries attended the meeting. On the same day, delegates discussed the development of the world's medical robots and the future around the theme of “From research to clinical: opening a new era in the medical robot industry”.

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